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The Mixed Discovery Case consists of selected everyday, easy drinking wines and occasional more expensive selections.  You’ll get 6 or 12 bottles depending upon your Wine Club Level selected.

  • Choose to receive monthly or every 2 months
  • Each Case comes with Exclusive Wine Profile Story Cards about the producer, taste notes & more
  • Minimum retail value of £80 per 6 wines
  • Receive ongoing 5% discount on all other wines purchased
  • Free Delivery on all Wine Club Cases and when spending £40 or more in the Wine Shop
  • Access your own Personal Wine Concierge
  • Monthly Golden Ticket – Each month 1 lucky Member will receive a special Golden Ticket to redeem a Special Wine Parcel
  • Additional Promotional Wine Sales & Offers Exclusive to Discovery Level Members
  • Priority Access to Events including ‘Meet the Producer’ (currently going virtual)

£72 / per case of 6 wines

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Frequently Asked Question

Urban Grapes currently a Discovery Level Membership which enables you to choose to receive your wines monthly or every 2 months.


The Mixed Discovery Case consists of selected every-day, easy drinking wines and occasional more expensive selections.  You’ll get 6 or 12 bottles depending upon which Wine Club Level you select.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss further, please feel free to send us an email or telephone us on 0800 999 1730 to speak to one of our experienced team members.



Each Wine Club level has a selection of 6 or 12 wines (based upon your chosen level) carefully curated by our passionate and experienced team.  The wines usually consist of a mix of red wine, white wine and sometimes rose wine.

The 12 wine bottle case selection will receive 2 of each wines that are selected for the 6 case selection. 

Within each case, you will receive taste note cards which you can keep and then easily refer to the wines you love when re-ordering individual wines or your own mixed cases via the main online shop.

The selections vary on a monthly basis with some of the most popular wines re-emerging from time to time.

It’s a great way to discover new great tasting wines.

Once you have selected the level you want via the ‘Start Now’ link to the ‘Sign-Up’ wine club product page you will be taken through a safe checkout procedure.  Following successful payment and upon receipt of your Wine Club subscription order, the team action straight away.

Your first Wine Parcel is usually with you within 48 hours depending upon the time of the day you actually place your order.


Each month, your chosen Wine Club level subscription is processed on the same day as the first month.  For example, if you start the Wine Club on the 4th of the month, all subsequent Wine Club parcels are processed on the 4th of each month and delivered within 48 hours.

Remember, you can pause, change, stop, cancel or resume at any time.


Great – all of our wines will be available on our main website where you can order as many as you wish whenever you want to.

Remember, as a Wine Club Member you will receive Club benefits including 5% OFF all other purchases, FREE DELIVERY when spending over £40, exclusive Wine Club member promotions and Wine Vault Points which can be redeemed at any time.

All Wine Club members have direct access to one of wine experts who are available to discuss your wine requirements and curate bespoke orders, whether you are buying a single case, looking for input to create your own wine cellar, organising a special event or celebration. 

Absolutely, our Wine Club Memberships make great gifts and you will need to add a note in the order process to confirm who the Wine Club Membership is for.

Urban Grapes Wine Club Membership is designed to suit you and your wine requirements offering the greatest level of flexibility to pause, amend, change levels, re-start or cancel your Wine Club Membership.

There are no contract tie-ins, you stay in control at all times.  In your ‘Account’ section, you will have access to all the tools to easily stay in control.

If you do pause or cancel your membership, please be aware that you will forfeit the Wine Club Member exclusive benefits.  However, you will continue to earn Wine Vault Points on all your orders.

You can purchase a Wine Club Membership if you either live in the UK or you live aboard and are buying a Wine Club Membership Gift Subscription for someone that resides in the UK.