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Zensa & Orion Wines, across Italy

Orion Wines was founded in 2010 by two friends: Lucca Pomaro, 20 year veteran of the international wine scene, and Alessandro Michelon, one of Italy’s most prominent winemakers. They are a young, dynamic company with a passion for indigenous grape varieties and sustainability, packaged up with fun, innovative branding. All their wines are 100% organic and biodiversity is promoted in the vineyards.

Domaine Lafage, Pyrénées-Orientales, France


Domaine Lafage is a leading estate in the Roussillon region in France. Winemaker Jean-Marc Lafage is one of Europe’s most highly regarded winemakers. The Lafage cellars are located just outside Perpignan, though it has also has vineyards at Les Aspres and Agly. Domaine Lafage has around 160 hectares (400 acres) of vineyards with vines that are as much as 100 years old.

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