Conde Villar Vinho Verde Branco, Vinho Verde, Portugal


Conde Villar Vinho Verde Branco, Vinho Verde, Portugal


A much appreciated wine for its perfect balance and combination between the aromas of three of the most famous grape varieties of the region. Bright and clear with a light lemony colour. The Aroma is fruity and fresh and adds a rich and interesting bouquet, with green apples being the most evident. The wine presents itself with a soft minerality, very well balanced and medium structure.

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Grape Varieties
  • Loureiro 50%
  • Arinto 40%
  • Trajadura 10%
  • 11%



Arinto, Loureiro, Trajadura


Established in 1985 and owned by the Manteiro family, Quinta Das Arcas operates in the North of Portugal, far from the sun soaked central regions known for large scale red wine production. And their Conde Villar label is perhaps as distinct from that characterisation of Portuguese wine as it is possible to be. These wines are made from native varieties that create light, modern expressions, inherently suited to the warm afternoons and the regional seafood dishes that are synonymous with northern Portugal.

The family’s mission has always been to employ modern winemaking to minimise their impact on nature and produce wines that are in harmony with their surroundings. Their dedication to natural balance and harmony in their winemaking has not gone unnoticed and they are gaining strong traction on the international wine show circuit.

Conde Villar Vinho Verde Branco
Conde Villar Vinho Verde Branco, Vinho Verde, Portugal
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